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party platterCold Cut Platters: Chicken platters, Sandwich platters, mini-sausage rolls, pies, hot-dogs &more. Our party platters are really tasty and affordable.  

CRAVES Soul Food Platters starting at: $30 Half – $56Full

Party Sandwiches – 24 sandwiches loaded with selected hand sliced fresh meats and vegetables. We create them on a delicious baked roll to perfection. You have a choice of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, or hot peppers. Try a tray of 24 (serves 10-12)

CRAVES Family Favorites:

Auntie Nett’s: Chicken Salad Spread with Crackers or Dinner Rolls.

Aunt Carmen’s:  Spinich Dip in Bread Bowls!! Yumm…

Cheese Tray-

Bite Size sharp Cheddar Cheese

Hslf ($18.00)

Full ($30.00)


Half ($22.00)

Full ($40.00)

Serves 20-30

Classic Carolina Caviar-Palmetto Cheese

Pinwheels (Ham and Cheese) $59.99

Cranberry n’ walnut cream cheese mini’s $37.99

Deviled Eggs $35.99

Raw Vegetables, Olives & Dill $59.99

Peel & Eat Shrimp $TBA

Cheese and Cubed assorted meats $64.99

Assorted Crackers

Rolls and cornbread puffs $19.99

Salads, Seafood, Crab Salad, Pasta, Garden $TBA

 Chicken Salad Spread

Spinach or Collard Green Dip

Bread Bowls

Priolue Rice*

Pimiento Cheese begets

 Mini Salmon patties w/ tangy dill sauce 

Mozzarella, tomato and basil sticks

Mozzarella, pepperoni and basil sticks


Okra Gumbo- no meat

Lima- no meat

Delicious Desserts

Cream puffs and chocolate mini pastries 39.99

CRAVES Banana Nut Bread Platter  $25.99



Chicken Winglets

Fried /Baked

Chicken Winglets

Hot, Mild, Regular

Dips; Honey Mustard, Ranch, Blue cheese, BBQ

Sweet Potato & Potato Bar

Includes; Baked potato w/ toppings,  

Carving Station

Ham, Roast Beef or Chicken, Sausages, Turkey


Beverage Bar

Non- alcoholic (Can Refer for Alcohol)

CRAVES Ice Tea(Sweet/ unsweetened)

Lemonade, Water, Juices, Sodas

Coffee, Hot Tea (assorted herbal Teas or Reg.)