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A little lesson in Gullah

Som’ Gullah fuh unrabble yuh mout’ wid

Hear The Lesson in Gullah

English Gullah
He is a truthful person ‘E tru mout’ (truth mouth)
Before dawn B’fo’ day clean
Give me a drink of whiskey Lemme br/esh (bless) muh mout’
I’m the parent Uh de lo’worl’ Gawd
He’s a young preacher ‘E uh table-tappuh
Hush, stop talking Tie yuh mout’
He change his mind ‘E turn ‘e head
He talked all day ‘E unrabble ‘e mout’ all day
I didn’t open my mouth Ie een crack muh teet’
I was flattered ‘E sweet mout’ me
He cursed me ‘E bad mout’ me
He steals ‘E han’ shaw’t ob patience
She is Pregnant ‘E fol’
He wants too much ‘E long eye
She’s angry with me She tink much wid me
Why? Mek so?
Where is he? Wah side ‘e is?
He left a long time. ‘E clean gone.
He isn’t any more good ‘E done fuh.
He was fascinated by her ‘E had ‘e eye tie up.
He went to eat his dinner ‘E gon’ fuh grease ‘e mout.’
I can’t rightly say. Ie khan’ specify.
It was nothing new. ‘E dry-long-so.
No dope allowed here! No happy-dus’ yah!
Sing a song sister Hice uh chune sistuh.
Think hard for the answer. Study yuh head.
Where is it? Weh ‘e deh at?
Don’t give me bad luck. Don’ pit mout’ on me.
I forgot. Mah head leab me.
Why are you so worried? Mek you duh rarry so?
Get in here and sit down! In yah cah sid down!
Throw the ball here. Chunk de ball yuh