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September 2009: CRAVES is promoting Hunger Action Month.

The Lowcountry Food Bank serves the 10 coastal counties of South Carolina through more than 330 non-profit and faith-based agencies and organizations such as soup kitchens, churches, food pantries and homeless shelters.

For more information or how to make a donation, please contact Miriam Coombes at 747- 8146 ext. 104 or mcoombes@lcfbank.org.
2864 Azalea Dr
North Charleston, SC 29405-8216
(843) 747-8146



 September is Hunger Action Month!!!

Dine at CRAVES on Monday’s.

Any Combo purchased on Monday’s

$1.00 will be donated to

The Lowcountry Food Bank

in support of

September’s Hunger Action Month!!!

begining September 14th – September 30th 2009