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We give.

Pay it Forward: 

We have a passion for quality food, but hospitality and helping others is one of the most important things to us. While our giving stories are all unique, they likely share one or more of the following motives of our family :

• To help fulfill our goals and passions to serve and unite families and communities
• To leave a lasting imprint on our clients and in society while making a difference
• To honor or memorialize good people and organizations
• To give something back to a community
• To fulfill our responsibility and desire to be a leader in our community and industry
• To connect with others who share our interests and passions
• To express our gratitude and to say “thank you” to those who have helped us

Please consider including the CRAVES Soul Food in your consideration of a planned event..

It’s important to CRAVES.

We live to carry on the family tradition of our heritage cooking and hospitality.
We created CRAVES to honor and memorialize our parents and grandparents
Community involvement is important to us
We spend everyday connecting with others
who share our interests and passions
If you are looking for a caterer who will deliver
unsurpassed quality food and service at your next event
look no further than this site.
We bring all the professionalism that has propelled us
to become one of the top caterer’s in the Carolinas.
 (CRAVES gives 5-20% Back to Approved Charity Programs)

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